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Value Capture is excited to announce the release of our second free eBook in our “Habitual Excellence” series of publications. The new book is titled, “Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons from Paul H. O’Neill, Sr.”

Today, December 4th, would have been the 85th birthday of Paul H. O’Neill, Sr., so we are releasing the book today to honor and remember him after his passing in April.

The leadership lessons that he taught are timeless. And our latest book, written by George Taninecz, is a collection of stories and reflections…

Below is a very important message from Dr. Gregory Jacobson, an emergency physician who has been very active in trying to educate the public about the coronavirus and the Covid-19 illness. He has been sending daily emails and his latest is shared below, with permission:

I am not waiting until tonight to write. This is too important to wait.

Tomas Pueyo and the team have put up a follow-up article: “Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance.”

He is so good at breaking it down. It was his article that started my wheels turning. His explanation of the fact that we…

This is a message that was written by my friend and colleague, Jeff Roussel:

Those who know me know that I love my friends and family deeply and without question. If you are on this thread, it is because I love you and consider you to be part of my circle (yes, my entire family is on this message). We are at an inflection point, and I am called to action. I know from personal experience that it has been very difficult to find good sources of information as you make decisions during this virus situation. …

There are two elements to this whole crisis — public health and the economy. In both cases, taking short-time actions now will help us all in the medium- to long-term. There is light at the end of the tunnel, as evidenced by a friend’s report from China:

“I’ve been on WeChat with our friends in China. They said they are back at work and in “controlled epidemic” mode. Basically things sound like they are slowly returning to normal life. …

I’ll get right to it. The word:


Well, I also heard “experiments” and “experimenting,” but you get the idea.

As I’ve blogged about before, my wife and I like taking wine-themed vacations.

We recently had an opportunity to visit wineries in Spain in France. We spent three days visiting wineries — they call them “bodegas” — in the Rioja region in Spain. Then, we visited wineries — they are called “chateau” or “chateaux” in the plural — in the Bordeaux region.

Below is part of a panoramic shot from Spain:

It wasn’t every single winery, but I stopped being…

There are a few cliché expressions that I’ve heard a lot of recently at healthcare conferences. Some of these clichés really need to be retired, including the phrases “carrot and the stick” and “on steroids.”

The cliché “on steroids” is usually used in a way that’s supposed to have a surprisingly positive connotation. One example I heard recently was basically, “Our hospital’s emergency department fast track is actually like a fast track on steroids.”

What the speaker means to say is that the “fast track” is bigger, better, and more effective.

What I hear, in my own warped mind, is…

I guess I’m wired for improvement. Or, it’s just become a habit. Or, it’s both.

I celebrate moments when I can identify an opportunity for improvement in my work. I tend to be pretty transparent about problems and even mistakes (like forgetting my socks).

The Toyota-ism of “No problems is a problem” resonates with me. Identifying a problem shouldn’t bring blame and shame… it’s the first step in improving the way work is done.

I’m fortunate that we’ve built a culture at KaiNexus where problems and opportunities are celebrated. …

Over the past year, I’ve heard about the “OKRs” methodology that is used in tech companies like Google. OKRs stands for Objectives & Key Results.

The approach (along with examples and case studies) are laid out in the book by venture capitalist John Doerr, Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs.

There are some similarities to the Lean practice of “Strategy Deployment,” or at least some of the goals are the same, as Doerr writes:

“A management methodology that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues…

I always enjoy the KaiNexus User Conference (now called KaiNexicon starting this year) and they ask me to give a talk each year.

Last year, I gave a talk called “When Being Right is the Wrong Strategy for Change” and KaiNexus recently shared a nicely-shot video of that talk on YouTube. So. I’m sharing along with a transcript I had done, annotated with some slides and links. You can also read a shorter summary via the KaiNexus blog.



Mark Graban: My theme here may be a bit provocative is the idea when being right is the wrong strategy for…

If you missed yesterday’s blog post and podcast with Dr. Rob Hackett from Australia, please check it out.

After meeting Rob and corresponding over the past few weeks about various patient safety issues, one topic that keeps coming up is the force of habit.

I find it really interesting when scientific facts and truth get superseded by new evidence. Science isn’t supposed to be stubborn… it’s OK to cast aside the old status quo when we learn something new (pay attention, “flat Earth” crowd).

There are a lot of these themes, also, in a book I’ve been reading, The Case…

Mark Graban

Consultant, speaker, writer. New book: “Measures of Success.” Also wrote “Lean Hospitals” and “Healthcare Kaizen.” Editor of “Practicing Lean.”

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